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FAVE RECAP: 12 things you need to know about tech and social this week

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Time for your FAVE recap and mine… It’s what’s hot in tech and social.

Listen, I know you’re busy. When I first started this blog I considered making the tagline, “Putting in the man hours so you don’t have to.” I enjoy doing this research and I want to make it as easy as possible for you to always be in-the-know on all things social. If you read nothing else this week, this run down will keep your social and tech IQ above the rest. Rest easy, busy one, I’ve got your back.

Go ahead and copy and paste your favorite links and send them to your boss, co-workers, peers. They’ll remember (in case they forgot) what a rockstar you are. (Or you can always forward a copy of this post.)

  1. The Huffington Post wins a Pulitzer.
  2. Path Announces $30M+ Round Of Funding. That’s a lot of cheese.
  3. Read It Later rebrands as “Pocket.” Oh, it’s now free. Lets its 4.5m users save articles, videos, images and more.
  4. Foursquare confirms 20M users, 2 billion check-ins, on 4sqDay 2012
  5. Apple reportedly launching ‘iPad Mini’ priced at $249-$299 in Q3 (Wait, isn’t this an iPhone?)
  6. Social logos on TV actually work? In the U.S, about a third of TV viewers have liked a show’s or brand’s Facebook page or tweeted about what they saw on TV after seeing one of these logos.
  7. Twitter mobile ads can now be targeted by platform
  8. The MPAA says you can infringe copyright just by embedding a video. Eek!
  9. College students can win a paid summer internship with The Huffington Post, Techcrunch, AOL Video or About.me.
  10. The top 10 social media influencers, according to Klout.
  11. The first reality show about Silicon Valley is in the works. Meet the cast.
  12. Rackspace launches OpenStack-powered next-gen public cloud

FAVE STATS: A new #socialtv record, the 2012 #grammys had 13 million comments

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The 54th Annual Grammy Awards set a new record in #socialTV with 13 million comments. According to bluefin labs, that’s a 2,280% year over year growth from the 2011 Grammy Awards, which had 546K comments. The second runner up, the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards,  is nowhere close with 3.1 social media mentions. (Although, last week there was a record-breaking 12.2 million social media comments during the Super Bowl.)

In fact, @BAHjournalist posted that more than 1 million conversations were taking place about Adele on Facebook.

A million Facebook users are talking about Adele. No, really, 1,079,767 are talking. Her FB page says so ► http://t.co/eRcEQJDD
Brian A. Hernandez

Go #Grammys!

Check out bluefin’s infographic below for a cool visualization of Grammy trending topics. Not in to infographics? We can’t be friends, but that’s cool. Here are a few of my FAVE takeaways on what got people talking online:

  • “The first big spike in responses occurred when Chris Brown took the stage, though much of the sentiment was negative and related to past domestic abuse issues.”
  • When Adele won Album of the Year for “21″ at 11:20pm, the comments poured in with 489K responses over a five minute period.

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