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FAVE INFOGRAPHIC: How social job seekers land their next gig

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You might think Linkedin has the majority of job seeking going on, but you’d be wrong. It’s actually Facebook, according to a survey released by Jobvite. Check out this groovy infographic highlighting the results from their recent Social Job Seeker Survey and enjoy.

Below are a few FAVE stats that make great tweetable moments. SURVEY SAYS? <ding>

  • 86% of active and passive job seekers have a social profile
  • 16% of active job seekers used social networks to find their most recent job
  • 40% of job seekers are “super social” with over 150 contacts (Go on with your bad self!)
  • 31% of active job seekers who use social media are active on three (Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin)
  • 32% of active job seekers modified Facebook privacy settings with work in mind (NOTE: You should probably do this if you haven’t already.)
1 in 6 active job seekers found their last job through an online social network. Boom!



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