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FAVE INFOGRAPHIC: The Ultimate @Pinterest Cheat Sheet

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If you’re using Pinterest for business, you probably want to make sure you’re getting and providing the most out of your pins. The makers of Pinerly put together an infographic I actually want to print out and use (or at least add to my tactical guide).

A few highlights:

  • Did you know the best time to pin on weekends is Saturday morning? What about the best weekday? That would be Thursday.
  • The best pins evoke a call-to-action and use short words with simple context
  • If you know the cost of something you’re pinning, add it in your description so it posts on the photo.
  • The best images target emotion.
  • Use searchable keywords in board names and make sure you have a compelling photo for each board.

And, now, here’s that cheat sheet:


FAVE SOCIAL: @Pinerly wants to help manage your @Pinterest addiction

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Looking for a way to FINALLY manage your Pinterest addiction? Pinerly hopes to be the answer with their pin-friendly dashboard.

Pinterest now accounts for 3.6 percent of referral traffic, as a comparison Twitter accounts for 3.61 percent. (via PR Daily) With all that referring comes a lot of content. I mean A LOT. You can only see the “101 ways to tie a scarf” pin so many times before you lose interest. I mean, pinterest. So, what’s a pinner to do?

You know this is the awkward transition before I give you an answer, right?

Pinerly, currently in private beta, offers several ways to take pinning to the next level. You will be able to:

Follow pinners

Unfollow pinners (essential if you want to keep a quality stream)

View popular pins (keep an eye on those top trends!)

Schedule pins — I love this. A great alternative to flooding the stream when you get in pin mode.

Check out your Pinterest stats

Right now the only way to get access is by inviting your friends. Remind you of any other successful social sharing site? When you sign up, you will receive a special link like this: http://www.pinerly.com/i/k5gRU (this is actually mine so feel free to use it). The number of friends who sign up determines your level of access to the site:

  • One friend = quick peak (don’t blink!)
  • Five friends = early access
  • 10 friends unlocks bonus features

Questions? Shoot them an email at: team@pinerly.com.