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State of the online newsroom for the world’s top 100 brands in 2013

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The folks at mynewsdesk just released The 2013 Newsroom Report: how the world’s top 100 brands are using online newsrooms to tell their stories. If that’s the premise of the study , then the top 100 brands have a long way to go.  Check out my favorite sound bites from the report, below.


  1. 35% of top 100 brands have online newsroom with content that is out-of-date (tweet this)
  2. 51% of top 100 brands failed to provide images of sufficient quality in their online newsroom (tweet this)
  3. Only 29% of top 100 brands have multi media content in their online newsrooms (tweet this)
  4. The most popular social network featured on top 100 brand newsrooms is Twitter with 55%, followed by Facebook at 42%. (tweet this)
  5. Only 65% of top 100 brands link to their newsroom from their homepage (tweet this)
  6. The average top 100 brand posts 11 news articles to their newsroom each month (tweet this)
  7. 40% of top 100 brands fail to provide even the most basic of image libraries (tweet this)
  8. Only 9% of top 100 brands shared infographics from their online newsrooms (tweet this)
  9. Only 51% of top 100 brands featured video on their online newsrooms (tweet this)
  10. 39% of top 100 brands lacked any kind of search function on their online newsroom (tweet this)
  11. Only 14% of top 100 brands made use of keyword tagging on their online newsroom (tweet this)
  12. Google+ is the least utilized social network on the top 100 brands online newsrooms (9%) (tweet this)
  13. 45% of top 100 brands failed to list any contact details in the online press releases (tweet this)
  14. 70% of top 100 brands provide no option for email alerts on their online newsroom (tweet this)


The image above is a sneak peek at how the top 10 of the top 100 brands’ online newsroom presence stack up. If you want to see the rest, check out the report in its entirety right here.