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If social networks were Game of Thrones [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Which social network blocked access from another? Check out this infographic from Hootsuite that shows how Google, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and more battle it out to take the “throne” as the world’s top network. See what we did there?

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With @tweetdeck going bye bye on iPhone, Android and desktop, it’s time to find an alternative

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A developing story from The Verge, reports that Twitter is shutting down Tweetdeck for iPhone, Android and desktop.

There’s no question that Tweetdeck is one of the most (if not the most) robust of all Twitter third party applications. I’m a client and a fan and will be among the many who shed a tear when it’s no longer available. That said, it means it’s time to find a replacement.

I will most likely migrate back to Hootsuite. Remember them?

Hootsuite (www.hootsuite.com)
HootSuite is a browser and app (iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry) social media dashboard.  There are free and paid versions of Hootsuite. For the basic account users can add a maximum of 20 tabs per dashboard, 10 streams per tab and five social networks, including Facebook profiles, pages and groups, Twitter, Google+ and more. They also work with a ton of third party apps.

What about you? What will you use? Let us know in the comments.


photo credit: Mait Jüriado via photopin cc

FAVE STATS: How the top tweeters tweet (most use Twitter.com)

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Want to tweet like your favorite tweeters? If you’re using the homebase of Twitter.com, then you’re probably spot on. Check out these 54 top tweeters (majority in the top 60 most followed on Twitter, plus a few of my favorites) and their Twitter client(s) of choice. Before you look at the list, here are a few findings from the hours I spent pouring over their Twitter feeds:

  • 52% of top tweeters used more than one Twitter client to send out tweets [TWEET THIS]
  • 18% of top tweeters used ONLY Twitter.com to tweet [TWEET THIS]
  • 39% of top tweeters use Twitter.com in addition to at least one additional Twitter client to tweet [TWEET THIS]
  • FUN FACT: Snoop Dogg tweets from more Twitter clients than any of his top tweeter celebrity counterparts (mentioned in this post). [TWEET THIS]
  • FUN FACT: Out of 54 top tweeters, a combination of 37 different Twitter clients were used. [TWEET THIS]
  • The top 5 Twitter clients for these top tweeters are: 1. Twitter.com; 2. Twitter for iPhone; 3. Their own site; 4. Ubersocial for Blackberry; 5. A 4-way tie between Hootsuite, Twitter for Mac, Twitter fro Blackberry and Tweetdeck. [TWEET THIS]
  • Nicki Minaj uses an iPhone and a Blackberry to tweet. [TWEET THIS]
  • The folks who run the @facebook account use Twitter.com and direct from Facebook to tweet. [TWEET THIS]

I know you can hardly contain yourself. You’re almost there…

I looked at tweets from the past two months (up to 50 tweets). Here’s a breakdown of what Twitter clients these top dogs use to send out those thought-provoking and entertaining tweets:

  1. @Instragram: Assistly
  2. @Mashable: Hootsuite
  3. @BritneySpears: Twitter.com
  4. @YouTube: CoTweet
  5. @Coldplay: Twitter.com, Twitter for iPhone
  6. @Scobleizer: Twitter for Mac, Tweetlogix, Twitter.com, Twitter for iPhone
  7. @Techcrunch: WordPress.com VIP
  8. @BrunoMars: Twitter for Blackberry, Twitter.com
  9. @TyraBanks: Tweetdeck, Twitter for iPhone
  10. @RWW: Tools Plugin for Movable Type
  11. @TheNextWeb: Spread the Next Web
  12. @Forbes: SocialFlow
  13. @SnoopDogg: WhoSay, Twitter for iPhone, Twitter.com, SoundTracking on iOS, Viddy, Instagram, Google, Chill, Twitter for Mac
  14. @BreakingNews: Breakingnews.com
  15. @JustinBieber: Twitter.com
  16. @CNN: Twitter.com
  17. @TodayShow: Twitter.com
  18. @Anncurry: Twitter for Blackberry
  19. @BarackObama: Twitter.com
  20. @Aplusk: sendible, Twitter for iPhone, Flipboard, Tweetbutton, Twitter.com
  21. @Oprah: Twitter for ipad
  22. @Allthingsd: Direct from their site
  23. @Gizmodo: Twitter for mac, Direct from their site
  24. @redcross: Tweetdeck, radian6, Twitter.com, Twitter for ipad, Twitter ads
  25. @facebook: Twitter.com, facebook
  26. @instagram: Twitter for Mac, Assistly
  27. @KimKarsashian: Twitter.com, Ubersocial for Blackberry
  28. @Twitpic: Twitter.com, Tweetbot for iPhone
  29. @RyanSeacrest: Twitter.com, UberSocial for BlackBerry, foursquare, Tout.com
  30. @Lady Gaga: mobile web, Twitter.com
  31. @Drake: Twitter.com, Twitter for iPhone
  32. @Sparker Twitter.com
  33. @Shaq: Twitter for iphone, Tweetdeck
  34. @JaneFonda: WhoSay, Twitter.com
  35. @ChelseaHandler: Ubersocial for Blackberry
  36. @JimmyKimmel: Twitter.com
  37. @GuyKawasaki: Paper.li, Direct from Alltop, SGPlus, Twitter.com
  38. @ChrisBrogan: Hootsuite
  39. @Nicki Minaj : Ubersocial for Blackberry, Ubersocial for iPhone
  40. @Twitter: Twitter.com, Tweet Button
  41. @BillGates: Twitter.com
  42. @DanielTosh: Twitter.com
  43. @NYTimes: From their own site
  44. @Ludacris: Echofon, Instagram
  45. @Perez Hilton: Twitter for iPhone, Twitter.com
  46. @PeopleMag: Hootsuite
  47. @Funnyordie: Hootsuite, Twitter.com, Twitter for iPhone
  48. @NFL: Tweetdeck
  49. @katyperry: Ubersocial for Blackberry, Twitpic, Twitter.com
  50. @shakira: Twitter.com
  51. @taylorswift13: Twitter for iPhone, Instagram
  52. @theellenshow: WhoSay, Twitter for iPhone, Twitter.com
  53. @eminem: Twitter.com, Twitter for Blackberry
  54. @jtimberlake: Twitter.com, Twitter for Blackberry

Links to Twitter clients mentioned in this post: Tweet ButtonSGPlusTwitter for iPhone, UberSocial for BlackBerry, Ubersocial for iPhone, Echofon, Paper.li, SGPlusSoundTracking on iOSTools Plugin for Movable TypeSpread the Next WebViddyTwitter for MacChillTweetbuttonTout.comTwitter adsTweetbot for iPhonefoursquare, Assistly, Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, WhoSay

photo credit: arnoKath via photopin cc