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5 apps to help manage the family schedule

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Between extracurricular activities, sports practices, and school drop-off and pick-up, managing a family can be a full-time job. While a print calendar used to do the job, in our on-the-go world, having a virtual calendar you can access from your smartphone makes things a lot simpler. Here’s a roundup of the best resources for planning the family schedule. 

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HOW TO plan your social editorial and content calendar [VIDEO]

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In 2013, I was excited to announce Google+ PR Expert Hangouts as part of the Google+ PR Community. As part of these efforts I threw my hat in the ring to share how I plan and execute on social editorial calendars for Tracky. Here you go!

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FAVE HOW TO: Add your fave sports team schedule to Google Calendar

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My husband and I constantly ask one another, “What time does [insert our fave team] play tonight?”  He thought I was so cool when I discovered a way to make sure we never forget where our teams are playing, who they are playing against and what time they play. Enter Google’s “Interesting Calendars” function. It allows me to add all of my fave sports teams schedules to my Google Calendar. Brilliant!

I’m sure you’re freaking out now and want to know how to do it too, right? Okay, here’s how:

  1. Go to “Settings” in your Google Calendar (right hand corner)
  2. Select “Calendars” (it’s the second tab)
  3. Scroll down and click on “Browse Interesting Calendars”
  4. Select the second tab labeled “Sports” –> You can choose from: baseball, basketball, cricket, football, hockey, rugby and soccer
  5. Click on the league you’re looking for (e.g. NBA)
  6. Click on your fave team (e.g. Chicago Bulls)
  7. Select “Subscribe”


TIP: If you don’t want the sports schedules showing on your work calendar, create a separate calendar for “sports.”

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