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#Commentz is changing to FAVES + CO.!

Information overload? I know how you feel. Everyday I scan headlines, check my RSS feeds and head over to see what my favorite bloggers are saying about PR and new media. I already share the majority of what I read via Twitter, but wanted a better way to publicly archive it.

Thus, Commentz was born.

Since that time, myself and a team of dedicated contributors have created FAVES + CO.–original content with top trending digital lifestyle news and updates.

It’s a daily, electronic recap of the top trending posts on FAVES + CO. and will arrive in your inbox by 7:00 a.m. ET.

There’s no catch. Simply sign up, and get the information without the work.

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CandrinaBailey 1 Like

Hi Sarah, I know this is a new site and you're still ironing out the wrinkles. I just found two and thought I'd let you know (to be helpful?) -- your page name is still "sample page": and there is no way to return the Commentz sign up form to you (in Firefox or IE.) I tried to sigh up to no avail...


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