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Content on Tumblr has a longer shelf life than on any other social network

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Networks, like Tumblr, reddit and even Pinterest have changed the way we not only share, but re-share information. The very act of “re-pinning” and “reblogging” are the way information travels and are essential tactics for the most popular players on each site. New research from social analytics company, simplymeasured looks at how the reblog keeps content alive.

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How old are your favorite social networks and websites?

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Did you know Linkedin, MySpace, WordPress and 4chan all launched in 2003? Find out the age of your favorite websites, networks and apps with the FAVES + CO. “Top Tech Birthday Guide.”
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10 things you should know about tech and social this week

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At FAVES + CO., we know you’re busy. That’s why it’s our job to “put in the man hours so you don’t have to.” We want to make being in-the-know on all things digital, social and tech as easy as possible. Every Tuesday, we’ll give you a top 10 rundown to keep your tech IQ above par. Rest easy, busy one, we’ve got your back.

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HOW TO scale social media for your large brand (from 30 of the best) #SocialAtScale

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It’s not everyday you get free advice from the best in an industry, all in one place. Social@Scale: What 30 of the best minds in social think large brands must do to Succeed in Being Social At Scale is a new e-book released from Sprinklr.


Large organizations tend to be at a disadvantage with social media. They often experience the “too big to scale” phenomenon. Questions like who will lead social media efforts to implementing a social media policy overwhelm executives. While there’s lots of free advice available on the interwebz, you’ll likely spend a lot of time trying to pull the bits and pieces together into a skeleton of a plan.

Social media management system Sprinklr created a comprehensive thought leadership e-book on how the enterprise world can scale social. If there’s one thing all 30 experts agree on, it’s that it can be done.

[DISCLAIMER: I'm featured in the book. I think it's pretty cool, but I think the advice offered from the other 29 experts is even cooler.]

What’s covered?

  • How to do a Global Social Media Deployment page 7
  • 6 Things Every Enterprise Social RFP Must Have page 8
  • The Social@Scale Readiness Assessment page 63

My chapter focuses on ”How to Scale the Social Media Corporate Team at the Enterprise Level” (page 29). Most important? Your team, their workflow and giving them the necessary tools and equipment needed to do their jobs well.

You can check out the entire (free) e-book, below. And, here’s a list for all contributors who are active on Twitter.



FAVE @TUMBLR: Nicolas Cage crazy faces + animated GIFs = Gifalos Cage #lol

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I’m glad to see my husband isn’t the only one obsessed with Nicolas Cage’s crazy faces. The very punny Gifalos Cage tumblr showcases the best of Cage’s crazy/scary movie moments. I’ve shared my faves, below:



I can barely finish this post because I’m laughing so hard. Gifalos Cage is my new fave time waster.

What’s your fave @tumblr? Share in the comments or send to me here.

(h/t MTV Clutch)