3 things you didn’t know you could do on Facebook

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SPOILER ALERT: We are so pumped to share this list with you because it has a Facebook feature we’ve been waiting for–the ability to embed animated GIFs in a status update. Sure, there are two other pretty cool things you can do on our list, but the animated GIF thing pretty much takes the cake. Read on:

1. Post and share animated GIFs

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via Giphy

Say whaaaat? Now your Facebook feed can look like Tumblr or MySpace thanks to GIF search engine Giphy. You can embed them onto your timeline from their site. It’s as simple as going to Giphy, copying the “Share GIF” link and pasting it into your Facebook status. The GIF will show up as embedded content, but you’ll still have to press “play” to view it.

UPDATE: While you can share the Giphy link on Facebook, you still have to click “play” to view it. Our original statement that animated GIFs would play within Facebook were incorrect.

2. Embed your posts on a website or blog

A few weeks ago Facebook announced the ability to embed posts from big brands, but that it wouldn’t roll out to the masses for a while. Well, it’s now available to the rest of us. Once a post is shared on Facebook, hover your mouse over it and click the “arrow” to select “Embed Post.” Copy the embed code and paste it on your website.

Embedded on a website or blog, will allow readers to:

  • Like or share the post directly from your web page
  • Like the Page or follow other posts from the author using the top right button
  • Visit the post’s comments, photos, hashtags and other content on Facebook

3. Let others build a photo album with you

The next time you create a photo album on Facebook you can add in other friends who might want to contribute. Select “Make Shared Album” to invite other contributors. You will also have the option to select different privacy settings for their photos (e.g. private or public).

This is a great feature for weddings, parties or anything where your Facebook friends are together and taking pictures.

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What are other lesser-known Facebook features you think people should know about?



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