39 things to name your wireless network that will freak people out

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There’s much opportunity to be had with the naming of one’s personal wireless network. Although your network might be secure from others signing on, people can still view (unless you make it unknown) the name of your network. You could use the stock name provided, like “Netgear 312″ or you can spice things up a bit with these tips from FAVES + CO. readers.

someecards.com - I named my wifi: Wireless Trojan Broadcast Access and my parents found out.

–Submitted by FAVES + CO. reader Brian Fanslau

  1. FBI Surveillance Van (Dave Donohue)

  2. IRS Surveillance Probe 17 (Brian Fanslau)

  3. WiFiGotNoTimeForDat (Brian Gallagher)

  4. Police scanner (Jeff Arena)

  5. NarcTaskForce (Matthew Sprague)

  6. AnonOps (Adam Popescu)

  7. It burns when IP (Steve Radick)

  8. Occupy the Internet (Brian Fanslau)

  9.  I HEART binoculars on U (Brian Fanslau)

  10. Homeland Security (Lori Herren)


  12. Apartment 203 your music is too loud! (Will English)

  13. Hide your kids, hide your wi-fi (Stephanie Wilson Prescourt)
  14. YouStealMyWifiWhileIStealYourIdentity (Lucretia Pruitt)

  15. Worm.virus (Jeff McConnell)

  16. This is not the WiFi you’re looking for (Catherine Ford)

  17.  IStealPasswords (Jon D. Andre)

  18. Virus Upload Site (Catherine Ford)

  19.  Free Malware (Jeff Shuey)

  20. this network cannot be found  (Steve Radick)

  21. SkyNet (Catherine Ford)

  22. DDOS strike in 3….2…..1. (Brian Fanslau)

  23. This sh!t ain’t free (Sky Shute Seery)

  24. Just Here For The Bank Statements (Brian Fanslau)

  25. Take the Blue Pill Neo (Catherine Ford)

  26. Stop Closing Your Blinds Apt 302 (Jamie Cara Kennedy)

  27. Iveseenyounakedcloseyourshades (Steve Silha)

  28. HiveMind Integration Port 001 (Catherine Ford)

  29. All Your Wifi Are Belong to Us (Scott Monty)

  30. hidden camera apartment x (George G Smith Jr.)

  31. DNA Replicator and Sequencer Unit 48 PRINT READY (Brian Fanslau)

  32. It Puts The Lotion On Its Skin (Brian Fanslau)

  33. Sorry but the wifi you’re looking for is in another castle (Erika Brown)

  34. Yeah You Are All on MY NETWORK, you have been hacked. (Brian Fanslau)

  35. “Protect your wifi please” (Ginger Lewman)

  36. shallweplayagame (Jenna Petroff)

  37.  URmyATM (Brian Hayashi)

  38. Pick up your Dog $hit (Steven Barley)

  39. Pretty Fly for a WiFi (Raquel Gonzalez Meyer)


Unsure of how to change the name of your wireless network? Here’s a helpful article.



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