Protect all of your technology for life with @bungeetags [INDIEGOGO]

Hate losing technology you paid an arm and a leg for? Me too. That’s why I was excited to learn about Bungee tags for your stuff and they’re guaranteed, for life.

Bungee allows people to anonymously tag anything they own and link it to their cell phone and email.  When a lost item is found, the tag instructs the finder to send a text to Bungee.  Bungee notifies the owner (via text & email) and bridges an anonymous text conversation with the finder so that the stuff can be returned. Bungee is fully automated.

They’re still in fundraising stage via IndieGoGo and have 25 days to raise an additional $4,000. How much does it cost to get your own set of Bungees? You can get one year of coverage and 11 tags for $10 or spring for an extra $10 and get coverage for life. Not too shabby.

I tested out the Bungee tags and now have one on places like my iPhone, Eyefi card, laptop charger, camera, iPad and more… While the concept still relies on the kindness and honesty of others, it makes me feel a bit more confident that my things could be returned to me if lost.

It was beyond easy to activate the tags. The instructions were printed on the “lost wallet card” (yes, there’s one that’s wallet size and one for your keychain). I texted “activate” to Bungee number along with my name and email address. That was it.

I tested out the lost and found process with my husband. He contacted me via text. I was immediately notified via text and email that something of mine had been found. The email notification is especially helpful if I ever lose my phone! Here’s what the notification looks like: 

What do you think? Would you use Bungee?