Want to know which journalists and bloggers shared your link? Check out “Who Shared My Link?” by @MuckRack

The folks at MuckRack publicly launched their new (free) tool, “Who Shared My Link?” to keep track of your social shares.


Article by Craig Kannally (@ckanal)

It’s as simple as copying and pasting a link and clicking enter. “Who Shared My Link?” then pulls in the number of social shares from Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, StumbleUpon and a few others.

What sets this tool apart from any other social share tracking service? It also tells you if any journalists or bloggers shared the story. If you want to see which journalists and bloggers shared the article, you’ll need to either join or sign in to your MuckRack account.

Article from Jay Rosen

And, heck, if you’re really proud of the amount of shares your story got, you can socially share the results. There’s a shortened URL for every results page.

This might be a good way to keep tabs on your competitors, too. Just sayin.