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18 tips to better promote your online content

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I love sharing tips. That’s what Faves is all about. Short and sweet tips, tools and other info you can use to improve your social and digital experience. Here are 18 of my fave tips for sharing your content:

I produce a lot of online content. How about you? I’ve learned that, on average, it takes five separate tactics to get people to engage with or at least take a peak at your stuff. If you try the same five things over and over again, you may find they get stale or don’t reach as many people. Clicking on the image above, or right here, will bring you to my tactic list in Tracky. For each piece of content I create, I select the five tactics from this list I think are likely to best resonate with people.

Wondering if the list will be worth your time? Here’s a preview of tips:

  1. Jump on the meme bandwagon and market your latest post. Using tools like Imgur, Know Your Meme or icanhascheezburger, you can find popular memes.
  2. Create an infographic and share your content in a more visually appealing way.
  3. Run a giveaway that includes the social posting of a particular article ( as a tool to help manage).
  4. Use a resource like to identify additional posting opportunities (or run another report) to generate additional traction.

If you want to see the rest, just visit the customizable track.

Want to keep this list in your own Tracky profile? Click the down arrow in the upper right hand of the track and select “copy to.” Then you can edit, add comments and customize it for your own content. Enjoy!

(NOTE: I often update this list, so at the time of reading this, there may be more than 18.)

(Disclosure: I’m the chief evangelist at Tracky, so you know I’m invested in only sharing the best!)

HOW TO add categories to Google+ Communities

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Create a more useful experience for members of your Google+ Communities by using categories.

Categories are a great differentiator from Facebook Groups. Adding a category allows you to segment and organize the conversations happening on your community. For example, in the Public Relations Community, we’ve added categories like, “job postings,” “connections” (i.e. I’m looking for a source at this news outlet) and “help” because we know these are topics most likely to be discussed. Members of the group can also message the moderators to request additional categories.

If you’re a moderator of a Community, here’s how to add or edit categories:

Click “Edit Community.”

Select “Add category.”

You can also drag and drop to reorder them by priority or personal preference.

How are you using categories?