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Study shows Americans’ social media habits now account for 18 percent of time spent online

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A recent study done by the folks at Morrison & Foerster on Americans’ social media habits shows social media now accounts for 18 percent of time spent online. (tweet this)

In addition that little doozy, the study found:

  • The amount of time the average person spent monthly on social networking more than doubled between 2006 and 2011 – from 2.7 hours to 6.9 hours (tweet this)
  • More than half of TV viewers are multi-tasking in front of the tube: 61% of viewers surf the Internet while watching TV; 29% use Facebook while in front of the TV (tweet this)
  • The fastest growing segments of social networking users are men of all ages and people over 55 years old – both groups grew by more than 9% between July 2010 and October 2011. (tweet this)
  • Facebook is the undisputed leader among social networking sites: Visitors spend an average of 6.75 hours on the site each month – nearly twice the amount of time spent on Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, and GooglePlus combined. (tweet this)
  • The percentage of Americans who have a social-networking profile has more than doubled in recent years – from 24% in 2008 to 56% in 2012. (tweet this)

Want even more? Check out their handy dandy infographic.

7 tips to protect your online shopping experience this Black Friday #blackfriday

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Are you as excited for online Black Friday deals as your are for mom’s Thanksgiving meal? Before you jump online to knock out your holiday list, brush up on these tips to protect your credit card and personal information.

In addition to the above, consider using different passwords for each shopping site you visit or have a separate credit card with a lower limit used only for online shopping.

Do you have a tip to share? Feel free to let us know in the comments.

Thanks to Steve Watts, SecurEnvoy for the tips.

FAVE TIP: Why companies need open social collaboration and what to do about it

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If you are responsible for marketing and PR or producing content, you already know the pain of managing too many tasks. Check out how open social collaboration can help change your workflow for the better:

(From my recent talk at #PubCon 2012)

Here are the media outlets who want your #election2012 content to share online, on air

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Want to do more than post that you voted on Facebook, Foursquare and Twitter? Here are a few media opportunities for citizens:

**This will be updated throughout the day.**

If you want others to see your tweets, use hashtags like #election2012, #vote and #electionday.

Share your photos, videos and reports from the field with them via Twitter. Tag your content with #ReutersLive

Got Questions, comments? #Election photos + video you want to share? Reports from the field? Tweet it and tag it #ReutersLive
Reuters Politics

Financial Times
Tweet your election photos to them directly at @FT or use hashtag #ftelection. They’ll share their favorites at

U.S. News & World Report
What do you think the electoral vote will be? Tweet your predictions with hashtag #evotes and they’ll feature you if you guess correctly.

Tweet your picture (preferably with your I Voted sticker) with hashtag #sharethevote on Twitter or Instagram — or upload it directly, here.

Huffington Post Politics, Style and Live
Email HuffPo at or tweet them at @off_the_bus with your voting experience. They’re especially interested photos and videos. Even HuffPost Style (@huffpostsyle) is having some fun. You can tweet them a photo of what you wore to the polls and use hashtag #dressedtovote. And, don’t forget about HuffPost Live (@huffpostlive), they want photos to use on air. Send them via Twitter with hashtag #HPL2012.

They want your photos. Tweet them with hashtag #msnbc2012.

ABC World News
They are particularly interested in how “generations go to vote.” Did you bring your kids? Take your mom? Tweet @abcworldnews your photos with hashtag #yourvote.

The YWCA has promised to retweet all “I Voted” sticker photos if you tag it #ywcaVOTE.

Submit your voting experience through CNN’s iReport for potential inclusion online or on air.

A few locals. If you live in…

  • Greenville, Anderson, Spartanburg SC and Asheville, Hendersonville, NC — WSPA (Channel 7) wants you to use hashtag #7Reax
  • Baton Rouge, LA — Share your photos and tweets with @WAFB’s official hashtag #ElectionOn9.
  • Austin, TX — KXAN wants your photos. Email them at
  • Phoenix, AZ — 12 News wants to know what lines are like. Send photos to
  • Chicago, IL — @nbcchicago wants your voting experience via photo. Email them at and on Twitter use #decision2012.
  • Chicago, IL — The +Chicago Tribune has a special Instagram theme. They want election/voting-themed photos with the hashtag #TribVote.
  • Los Angeles, CA — @LAist would like you to snap a pic of the line at your polling place and tell them your “I Voted” story. Tweet them or email tips(at)laist(dot)com.
  • North Alabama and Southern Tennesse — @Waff48 wants your photos. Email them to
  • Pittsburgh, PA — Pittsburgh News Now (@PittsburghPG) wants to know if you experience any problems at polling stations. Email them at
  • Detroit, MI — If you’re a first time voter, the Detroit Free Press wants to hear from you. Include a picture and tweet @freep with hasthag #mivote.
  • St. Louis, MO — STL Public Radio wants your photos and would like to know how the polls are going and any issues you’re seeing. Tweet @stlpublicradio, use #BeyondNov hashtag or email Kelsey Proud at or post on our Facebook page:
  • Atlanta, GA – The Marietta Daily Journal would love to share your photos or videos from Cobb or even metro Atlanta. Email or post it directly to their Facebook page. If you’re on Twitter, use #VoteCobb.


Study: Twitter users add Obama to more lists than Romney — 178k to 12k

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Thanks to tip from the folks at Advocacy Media, it looks like President Obama is the clear victor of Twitter lists (versus Mitt Romney).

Obama has 178,641 public lists following his official Twitter handle while Governor Romney has 12,773. In terms of reach, by number of public lists followers President Obama leads Governor Romney 1,680,596 to 8,302 public list followers. Keep in mind that Obama has a slight advantage in that he is already President and has successfully used social media in the past. That said, Romney is still really lacking in the list category. There’s a clear distinction in the number of Twitter followers, as well. Obama’s 21.5 million followers dwarf Romney’s 1.6 million (Obama also follows more than 600K people, while Romney follows a mere 274).

Want to know how major political campaigns for the Senate stack up?

  • Democrat senate candidate have a total of 18,417 public lists with a total of 25,146 list followers; and,
  • Republicans senate candidates have approximately 13,921 public lists with total of 31,858 list followers.
  • Dems lead in number of pubic lists, but Republicans lead in reach - number of followers of the public lists.
  • If winning the election were determined by most number or lists and followers of lists, there would be 17 democrat and 16 republican winners in the 33 battleground states

If you’re still reading, don’t forget to vote on November 6!