FAVE FACEBOOK: See the relationship status of all your Facebook friends at once with Relationbook

If you really want to know the relationship status of anyone in your Facebook network, there’s an easier way to find out. Hello Relationbook.

Developed by the guys who brought you BlissControl, Relationbook lets you search and filter your friends by gender, relationship status and search by name. Why might you need the information? Maybe you’re planning a singles mixer and don’t want to bother your friends who are in a relationship. Or, perhaps you’re doing some market research (read: keeping tabs on your ex). Whatever the case, you now have a new tool to help you. FYI: Search results do not currently include “civil union” or “domestic partnership,” but a rep says they are working on new features.

Relationbook is fresh out of the developers’ hands so they’re working on a few improvements. My Facebook network is more than 5,000 people, so it didn’t fully function for me.

By the way, they won’t post on your Facebook wall or save your personal information on their servers. That’s nice to know, huh?

Will you use Relationbook?