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SOCIAL GAME: Here’s a chance to play Twitter Bio Bingo (#twitterbingo)

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It’s time for #twitterbingo! Create your own game of Twitter Bio Bingo using the Twitter Bio Bingo card and “how to” instructions, below.

As if you need another reason to procrastinate right now, here’s a game you can play online or IRL. Welcome Twitter Bio Bingo.


  • Print out a copy of this Twitter Bingo Card (use anything you have on hand to cover up squares); or use a dual or second screen and place pieces of paper over the squares as the game is being called; or develop your own way to keep track
  • Go to your “Followers” page
  • Look at your most recent 25 followers. These will be yours to play from. (TIP: Copy and paste follower bios into a separate document.)
  • Start your own game of Twitter Bingo!
  • Announce a game of Twitter Bingo (#twitterbingo) and send a link to this card to your followers.
  • If you’d like, tweet the rules first, along with the #twitterbingo hashtag. (You can use Tweetdeck or Tweetchat to see others playing.)
  • The announcer should randomly select a letter and bio combination. How? By cutting up the letters and game pieces, folding them up and placing them in a container (e.g. hat, bowl, etc…). Tweet each letter and bio combination with the #twitterbingo hashtag. Allow a minute or so in between each tweet (unless you think of other fun things to tweet in between.)
  • The first person to tweet BINGO should send a screenshot of their 25 followers’ bios for you to verify (if you want to verify).
  • Announce the winner! Repeat.
The announcer should announce what type of BINGO game will be played:
  • Cover all: Literally cover all the numbers on your bingo card and you win
  • Four Corners: Cover your four corners (outside corners) of your BINGO card
  • Winner’s circle: This is all the squares in columns B and O and the first and last of I, N and G.
  • X: Make a complete X or two diagonal lines (the Fail Whale is the “free space”)
  • One row: Announce which row should be completely filled

HOW TO: Use Facebook ads to pitch media

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Did you know that when you target a Facebook ad you can choose to target by workplace? If your favorite journalists or bloggers list their employer you can reach them with an ad.

Thanks to this great tip from FAVES reader Lisa Buyer (@lisabuyer), owner of The Buyer Group, you now have another way to get your message in front of the right people. Using Facebook Ads, decide whether you’d like to pitch them, share a story or tell them you’re a fan.

Here’s how you can create your own targeted outreach to journalists and bloggers who use Facebook and list their employer:

A caveat: If you abuse this (e.g. sending pitches they don’t like every day), it WILL NOT WORK. 

Go to Facebook Advertise. It can be found by clicking the down arrow next to “home” or via this link. Click on “Create an ad” and follow the setup instructions. The less you can think about your ad as an “ad” and more as an introduction, the better. Your goal is to get a journalist’s attention and share your product or company’s newsworthiness. Perhaps your goal is even more broad; just to get on their radar. I don’t recommend mass pitching all media contacts with the same story, the ad space is like a quick introduction with an opportunity for future follow up.

TIP: The link you include in the ad is pretty important. Think about where you’re taking them if they click on the link. If you’re sharing a pitch, why not send them to your social media press release via Pitchengine? (Disclosure: I am on Pitchengine’s Advisory Board.)

Personalize the headline for your target media and include key words like, “Dear Fashion Editors,” or something that may make a journalist take notice.  Use your space for an image to highlight a key storytelling visual that compliments your pitch. While a logo is nice, if you can add a more compelling photo, do it. For example, if you’re telling an outlet you’re a big fan, take a picture of your/your team and the employer’s logo.

Next, select the media outlet employees you’d like to target. If you work in the fashion industry, you may want to include outlets like, Vogue or Vanity Fair. You can also do a separate ad for fashion bloggers or fashion influencers. When complete, your target ad may look something like this:

  • People who live in the United States
  • People age 20 and older
  • People who work at Vogue or Vanity Fair

You can also take the no pitch at all approach. Just tell your favorite news outlet employees how much you “like” them. Check out what Lisa did for the Mashable crew:

Have you used this approach before with success? Share your stories in the comments.

Thank you for reading!

FAVE OFFICE: The ultimate dual screen set up that works for both home and mobile offices

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For those who don’t know, I’m a gadget geek. That’s my sweet spot. I love bright, shiny objects. If I could have bluetooth installed somewhere on my person, I would. What? Who said that?

I’ve been on a quest to create the perfect work environment both in the office and when I’m mobile. In my line of work having dual monitors is essential (and not just because it looks cool). Setting up a dual screen in the office is no problem. In fact, I’ve had many (MANY) dual screen set ups and they’ve all functioned well. But, it’s not a set up I can pick up and easily move. That means when I’m outside the office (which is a lot), I feel like I’ve lost my best friend.

No more sad trombones for this gal. I have discovered the perfect set up (for me). It works in the office and I can take it with me wherever I go. What is this magical dual screen recipe of goodness you ask? I’ll share it with you, my fabulous faves readers.

Here’s what you need:

  • Laptop or desktop (if you want to be mobile, go for the laptop)
  • iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch
  • If you’re using an iPad, I highly recommend the Twelve South Hover Bar ($79.99) for display. If you’re using an iPhone or iPod Touch, get a stand to put next to your computer.
  • Air Display for Mac or Windows
  • Air Display for iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch ($9.99) NOTE: You can also use Air Display to connect two Macs or one Mac and one PC.
  • Wireless access

My current setup looks like the photo above. My MacBook Pro is set up next to my iPad which is attached to the side of a desk (but it could attach to any table, really) via the Hover Bar. It took all of five minutes to set up. If I need to get up and go, takedown is about 10 minutes, but only because I need to pack my preciouses in protective gear. (You may notice an Apple bluetooth keyboard near the iPad, but it’s not in use during this set up.)

Using the iPad as my second screen I typically keep my email, calendar and Tweetdeck open at any given time. I also use my second screen it if I need to Skype and want to keep my main desktop free to use. I can easily drag and drop between screens, making my workflow more efficient. Oh yah!

By the way, if your office workstation includes an iMac you can actually attach the Hover Bar to the side of the iMac, making your second screen extremely easy to maneuver and use.

 FYI: I am in now way compensated or affiliated with Twelve South or the makers of Air Display. I’m merely an excited geek who wants to share her gadgetry with the masses.

FAVE INFOGRAPHIC: The Ultimate @Pinterest Cheat Sheet

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If you’re using Pinterest for business, you probably want to make sure you’re getting and providing the most out of your pins. The makers of Pinerly put together an infographic I actually want to print out and use (or at least add to my tactical guide).

A few highlights:

  • Did you know the best time to pin on weekends is Saturday morning? What about the best weekday? That would be Thursday.
  • The best pins evoke a call-to-action and use short words with simple context
  • If you know the cost of something you’re pinning, add it in your description so it posts on the photo.
  • The best images target emotion.
  • Use searchable keywords in board names and make sure you have a compelling photo for each board.

And, now, here’s that cheat sheet:


FAVE PEOPLE: 3 #job seekers you want to hire

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Hi FAVES readers. Welcome to the first installment of “People You Want to Hire.” Periodically I will feature amazing job seekers looking for work in communications, social media and/or journalism. To kick it off, here are three people who I “hand picked” out of more than 50 submissions. Next week I have three more I’m going to feature. Good luck to all!

Name: Kevin Loker

.@ @ shocked that they didn't use a different account or talk in person. Or you know, any other way to be discreet.
Kevin Loker

Twitter: @kevinloker

Dream job title: Newsroom Resident Anthropologist
Three adjectives that describe you: intuitive, forward-thinking, personable
If I’m hired by your organization I will:  …identify key audiences and work to strategize news delivery to meet the consumption habits of those specific sub-cultures, extending reach and possible engagement, but doing so in a way that isn’t just throwing some tweets and Facebook posts against the wall and hoping something sticks. (I’ll conduct research on communities to improve editorial decisions and prioritize means of distribution.)

What kind of office culture are you looking for?  I desire an organization with a unified vision of ultimate purpose: sharing truth for the betterment of an individual’s life. My preference is to throw myself into an organization that recognizes that the best way to accomplish this goal – and likewise, to make money to maintain that endeavor – is to require that any potential change be made based not just on general trends in usage, but also on how specific sub-communities to which an organization caters are already uniquely using technology and interacting with information. Ideally, I want to contribute to an organization willing to strategize, to invest the time and talent to make adaptations correctly, and perhaps most importantly, to develop new best practices without compromising product and purpose.

What’s your most impressive professional accomplishment? What about personal? There are some impressive-sounding things that come along with being an editor of a student-run news site for three years, but what I think is cool (and can go under the radar with my resume) are the relationships I’ve formed on social media, specifically Twitter. I think it’s rare because one 1) many undergrads don’t amass 1,100 followers, for any reason, and 2) I barely shared my own content. I mainly commented, replied and curated – I suppose treating it like truly “social” media – and as a result, the follower count ticked up. “Relational social media” usage, I guess.  On the personal side, while I think it’s pretty neat to have walked away from undergrad at George Mason University as Senior of the Year (for contributions to community), it’s cool to pair that accomplishment with a coronation as homecoming king. I had a blast making a fool out of myself representing a Catholic student org — and in the process, rapping to a parody of Chris Brown’s “Look at Me Now” — and it was neat to receive support not just for being successful, but being goofy and fun.

How many years experience do you have? Four years in leadership roles in student media, coinciding with two years contributing to professional media

What’s one thing that sets you apart from any other candidate?  I suppose if I put the homecoming king crown aside – which itself is kind of crazy / funny, and I guess part of this answer, too — I’ve just got a combination of experiences and successes that most recently graduated students don’t. I’ve built a student news website up over three years and grown a team of one to a team of twenty, I generated and maintained a $15,000 budget for a giant puzzle game tied to our brand, and I created social media strategy and livetweeted for events at The Washington Post. My professional resume pairs with academic ambition about technology and society: I’m working to get research published on the role of instant communications technology (Facebook, texting, etc.) in the development of college-aged romantic relationships.  And oh, I’m from South Dakota.

Where should your ideal job be based? Washington, D.C. metro area
Are you willing to relocate? Yes, for the right organization, and with preference to the East Coast.

Want to hire Kevin? Email him at kr.loker@gmail[.]com.

Name: Mark Edwards

How to Create Real Relationships With Social Marketing
Mark Edwards

Twitter: @MarkEdwards

Dream job title: Employee. I’m able to help in so many ways that I’ll let you, the employer, decide how I can help you best and what to call me. Three adjectives that describe you: experienced, innovative, connected
If I’m hired by your organization I will: bring unmatched experience, knowledge, enthusiasm, and new levels of success to you.

What kind of  culture are you looking for? An environment that has energy, teamwork, and a culture of cooperation. I’ve worked in small offices, huge offices, and alone. The culture of the organization I join should foster creativity, no matter how many people are in the office.

What’s your most impressive professional accomplishment?

What about personal? Almost singlehandedly and secretly building and launching a brand new radio station, including a full suite of social media outposts and a marketing plan, in 18 days last year in Kansas City. Personally, I’m most proud of my three incredible sons. You can’t do anything more important than being a parent.

How many years experience do you have? 27 as a content creator, brand manager, and marketer using a score of traditional and new media resources.

Where should your ideal job be based? St. Louis, MO because it’s the best place I’ve ever lived to raise a family.

Are you willing to relocate? YES, Chicagoland would be my first choice, but I’ll go anywhere for the right job. I can also use the miracle of the Interwebz to work from World Headquarters in St. Louis.

Want to hire Mark? Email him at edwardsmark@gmail[.]com.

Name: Jessica Spiegel

@ Well, that won't work. I've never seen what I'd call a nerdy Italian.
Jessica Spiegel

Twitter: @andiamo

Dream job title: Content & Social Media Manager
Three adjectives that describe you: generous, adaptable, loyal
If I’m hired by your organization, I will: create unique & relevant content that’s informative as well as interesting, build an engaged community, & inspire people to get off the couch & see the world. I’ll also demonstrate proper microphone handling at the annual office karaoke party.

What kind of office culture are you looking for? I’m looking for an office that’s not an office – I want to continue to work remotely, either for a company that’s totally virtual or one that understands “remote” doesn’t inherently mean “not engaged.” I want to work for a company that is more concerned with getting the job done than with punching a clock. I want to work for the kind of company where employees get along (at all levels of management) well enough to go out for drinks together after the work day is done.

What’s your most impressive professional accomplishment? Rising to the top of my niche, Italy travel, & as a result being asked to moderate or speak on panels at events such as BlogWorld Expo and TBEX (Travel Blog Exchange).

What about personal? I’m not a shy person, but joining a rock band & singing onstage (however small) remains one of my proudest personal accomplishments. I don’t think I realized then how much that confidence boost would help me off the stage, too.

How many years experience do you have?

  • Community Building & Management – 10 [4 years as Grassroots Coordinator at American Cancer Society, 6 years as Community Manager/Social Media Manager for Bootsnall & WhyGo Italy]
  • Writing – 14 [4 years at American Cancer Society, 4 years at Institute for Conflict Management, 6 years at BootsnAll/WhyGo Italy]

What’s one thing that sets you apart from any other candidate?   I’ve got a proven track record of building & maintaining an engaged community. I’m adept at creating content in a timely manner that is targeted appropriately to its audience. I’m good at encouraging people to do things they think they might not be able to do (especially when it comes to independent travel). Additionally, I make great gelato, & I can explain the offside rule in football/soccer.

Where should your ideal job be based? Portland, Oregon
Are you willing to relocate?No

Want to hire Jessica? Email her at jessica422@gmail[.]com.

FAVE APP: jusgramm, the text messaging app for @Instagram

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An image is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal in today’s world of Instagram, Pinterest and other visually-based social networks. That said, sometimes you just want to share a graphical, text-based message. Welcome jusgramm.

jusgramm is the best free, text-based app I’ve used. You get 120 characters to share your message and, frankly, you shouldn’t use more to make your point. Once your brilliant message is complete, you can choose from several free prepackaged font and background combinations. If you don’t like the free options, you can purchase add on packs. If you purchase them in bulk it’s $2.99 total. I haven’t purchased the add ons myself as I’m more than content with the freebies.

Even though jusgramm is markted for Instagram users, I’ve already created and shared them via text, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and, now, my blog. You have the option to save each one to your camera roll so really your options are many.

If you’re looking for more creative ways to express yourself or just want to try out a new app, go for jusgramm.

All images used above are my own original creations. Feel free to share! If you use, just attribute to your “ole” iPal @PRsarahevans (or @sarahevans on Instagram and Pinterest).


FAVE @Instagram: Hashtag project #PhotoIDGram uses your driver’s license in place of your face

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My new fave hashtag on Instagram is #PhotoIDGram. I recently interviewed Cubby Graham, the project’s founder, on how he uses Instagram and how others can create successful hashtag projects.

The photo above is one of the many in a (relatively) new Instagram hashtag project aptly called #PhotoIDGram. What is a hashtag project? It’s a specific type of photo associated with a hashtag that anyone is free to participate in. In fact, joining in projects like this allow you to find more people to interact with on Instagram. Simply search the hashtag via your Instagram app or with desktop sites like

Not sure what #PhotoIDGram is? If you haven’t figured it out already, you take a photo of someone with their ID card photo covering their face.

TIP: If you’re using a driver’s license or another identification card with personal information, don’t forget to cover it up.

Here’s a little background about my fave hashtag of the moment with Instagram superuser, Cubby Graham:

What was your inspiration for creating #photoIDgram?

I’ve always been a huge fan of my buddy Kyle (@kylesteed); he’s always been a huge inspiration to me. Kyle pioneered #Instaxagram around a very similar concept of shooting an instax photo of someone, utilizing the instax physical format as the primary focal point, and placing the image over their body. Then, just a few weeks ago, my friend Brett (@Bretle) renewed his driver’s license and posted a photo of it to Instagram. Both of these factors contributed toward my inspiration, and thus, #PhotoIDGram was born.

When did you notice that your pet project was beginning to catch on with other IGers?

After I posted my first #PhotoIDGram, it seemed like people were really excited to get out and experiment with the concept themselves. It’s been really fun to see so many people from around the world contribute in a variety of ways; you can’t help but smile when you see a #PhotoIDGram. With this concept, people aren’t just limited to an instax photo, and it gives nearly everyone the opportunity to contribute, as most everyone of age has some form of photo ID.

What would classify #PhotoIDGram as? Is it an insta-meme?

I believe #PhotoIDGram is still in the initial exposure stage, but I do believe that the idea of a #PhotoIDGram carries some characteristics and qualities that contribute to it becoming an Instagram meme. One of the elements that I really enjoy is seeing people from different cities, states, and even countries posting #PhotoIDGram to Instagram. It’s so fun to see so many different forms of IDs, which represent different cultures. There is something intriguing about an ID photo; it always seems to carry a sense of humor.  It’s interesting to see people translate that in so many different ways cross-culturally.

What tips can you offer to those who would like to engage or meet others on Instagram?

Instagram is such an incredible platform to share photos with friends, family, and people all around the world. One of the major tips I would share with people who want to engage more on Instagram is simply to take good photos. You don’t have to be a professional photographer to post good photos, you just have to be committed to detail and creating “rad-tastic” images. Follow people whose photography you enjoy and whose photography inspires you. Interact with those you follow and those that follow you. Behind every Instagram account is an actual person, and that person will get excited when you interact and encourage their creativity, just as you do when someone leaves a genuine comment on your photo. 

Does Instagram play role in your professional life? 

I’m currently a full-time personal assistant. The organization with which I work holds the objective to equip, empower and encourage pastors and churches. I’m also a part-time photographer, and I enjoy traveling all around the world. I don’t really incorporate much of my “career” on my Instagram feed. I primarily use instagram as an environment to engage with people and be inspired; it is something that enables me to create and grow creatively on a daily basis wherever I am. I’m a sucker for adventure, and I enjoy using Instagram to capture and share my adventures wherever life takes me.

Where else can people find you online?

People can obviously find me on Instagram, but they can also follow my random 140 thoughts on twitter (@cubbygraham) or subscribe to my tumblr (

If you had to describe your iphoneography style with three words, what are they?

Outdoor, Explorer, Adventure