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FAVE FACT: 76% of people conduct online searches in two or more languages

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I won’t lie. I’m jealous of anyone who speaks more than one language. My “second language” abilities include a bit of high school and college-level French. It looks like I’m part of the minority when it comes to online search in more than one language.

According to digital marketing agency Greenlight‘s Search & Social Survey (2011-2012), seventy six percent of people search the web in two or more languages. Any guesses on what careers rack up the most multi-language searches? Looks like those who work in IT and marketing are more likely to speak more than their native tongue. Smarty pants!

The countries where the majority of multi-lingual searches take place? Italy and Spain. Ciao.

Greenlight’s global survey asked 500 people – from students, law enforcement professionals, medical staff, accountants, lawyers to the unemployed, how they engage with online advertising, search engines, and social networks, in order to glean insight into how consumers engage with marketers today. Check out the survey in its entirety to learn how people are searching the web and to plan your SEO efforts.

Source: Greenlight

FAVE VIDEO: Elementary teachers perform glow stick dance to celebrate end of school year

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If it’s true that good news is more viral than bad, then this should do the trick. The annual teacher talent show at Seneca Grade School in Seneca, Illinois featured a show stealing glow stick dance from kindergarten through second grade teachers.

On Wednesday, May 22, more than 200 elementary students clapped and sang along to top pop songs as their teachers performed for them. The teachers practiced the choreographed routine for more than a month.


According to Seneca Grade School librarian Kathy Parker (sure she’s my mom, but that’s okay), “These teachers went above and beyond the call of duty. They’re celebrating all that is right in the education system and their love for the students.”

Watch the video. You can’t help but sing along once the kids join in.

FAVE @TUMBLR: Nicolas Cage crazy faces + animated GIFs = Gifalos Cage #lol

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I’m glad to see my husband isn’t the only one obsessed with Nicolas Cage’s crazy faces. The very punny Gifalos Cage tumblr showcases the best of Cage’s crazy/scary movie moments. I’ve shared my faves, below:



I can barely finish this post because I’m laughing so hard. Gifalos Cage is my new fave time waster.

What’s your fave @tumblr? Share in the comments or send to me here.

(h/t MTV Clutch)

FAVE SOCIAL: The Breaking News Network launches Automated Retweet Program to attract new members

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“The Breaking News Network delivers social media sourced news and information to over 300 cities and neighborhoods. Each Breaking News site and their accompanying social media feeds (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) provide a real time ticker tape of everything happening in a community.”

The Breaking News Network (BNN) is a community news mashup and microchannel. In addition to sharing breaking news, people in the network also tweet about local groups, good causes and other various community projects. Each city and neighborhood has a local manager keeping a constant stream of content. They’re currently growing their local support and initiated an “Automated Retweet Program.”

What is it?

People who apply and meet BNN Twitter criteria (not sure what it consists of) are able to add a city name hashtag (e.g. #chicago) in a tweet and it is automatically retweeted through the Breaking News Twitter Feed. Has potential as long as people don’t abuse the privilege. I’ll assume, for now, that the content is moderated and (repeat) offenders would lose the ability to post.

What do they want to accomplish?

Through free access to the network, they hope that, ”localized information will encourage conversations as granular as where your kids should get music lessons.” For now, local news like this is hitting the twittosphere:

Rochester praised for its health care collaboration: Experts urge 400 local leaders to work toward lowering costs…
Rochester NY Buzz

Want more info? Email the team at , or via Twitter at @thebnn.

Here’s a link to their comprehensive community directory.

What do you think about an Automatic Retweet Program for local news? Share your thoughts in the comments.

FAVE HOW TO: Predict what online content will go viral

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Why are certain pieces of online content more viral than others? That’s what Jonah Berger’s and Katherine L. Milkman’s recently released research shows us.

The research pair looked at data from all New York Times articles published over a three-month period and how emotion shapes virality. Most striking? POSITIVE CONTENT IS MORE VIRAL THAN NEGATIVE CONTENT. It’s not a coincidence that over the years I’ve been more likely to share content like JK Wedding Dance Entrance versus something depressing or overall negative. Looks like I’m not alone, although content that provokes negative emotion is still more viral than content that provokes sadness.

In fact, Berger and Milkman specifically mention that:

Content that evokes high-arousal positive (awe) or negative (anger or anxiety) emotions is more viral. Content that evokes low-arousal, or deactivating, emotions (e.g., sadness) is less viral.


Marketers should try to evoke the three A’s: Awe, Anger and Anxiety: “Content that evokes high arousal emotions, regardless of their valiance, is more viral.”

Their 15-page research piece in the Journal of Marketing Research ultimately shows why people share content and how to design more effective viral marketing campaigns. To get the upper hand on your competitors, you should read it in its entirety.

FAVE READER QUESTION: What’s your fave viral content of all time?


(h/t Business Insider and David Gosse)

Jonah Berger is Joseph G. Campbell Assistant Professor of Marketing (e-mail:, and Katherine L. Milkman is Assistant Professor of Operations and Information Management (e-mail:, the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.

FAVE STATS: Top 10 U.S. Cities With Most Social Media Savvy Small Businesses #SMB

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Where are the most socially savvy small businesses (SMB) in the U.S.? Most reside in California, considering the state has three of the top five social cities.

This list is from small business market sales intelligence provider, Radius‘s Social Small Business Report. They looked at SMBs in the top 85 U.S. cities and ranked them via the Radius Social Index, a score compromised of social media presence and daily deal activity.

The top 10 list as it currently stands looks like this:

  1. San Francisco
  2. Los Angeles
  3. Washington D.C.
  4. Seattle
  5. San Diego
  6. Chicago
  7. New York
  8. Dallas/Ft. Worth
  9. Phoenix
  10. Tampa

Some other cool stuff from The Social Small Business Report:

  • Grand Rapids, MI (29%) and Oklahoma, OK (28%) have the highest percentage of SMBs with Facebook pages.
  • Metropolitan cities that serve as home to major daily deal companies such as Living Social (Washington, DC – .5%) and Groupon (Chicago, IL – .4%) have the highest percentage of SMBs that have done at least one daily deal. However, both cities are less than 1 percent.
  • Buffalo, NY (20%) and Rochester, MN (20%) have the highest percentage of SMBs with Foursquare check-ins.

If you want to know more about the report, email the Radius team at