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FAVE TWITTER: Advertisers can now target Promoted Tweets to mobile users

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That’s right. Twitter’s Promoted Tweets are on a mobile device near you. Advertisers, take note.

Twitter officially launched Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts on iOS and Android devices. That means an entirely new opportunity for advertisers. Promoted Tweets will appear to “users that share similar interests .”

They also added new targeting options so brands can target their campaigns specifically to desktop computers and laptops, iOS, Android, and other mobile devices. If you just launched a mobile app, looks like this is a great fit. Target people where they would actually use your product.
Need more info? Here is Twitter’s official post.

FAVE SOCIAL: 4 subreddits you’ll learn a lot from (or at least keep you entertained)

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FAVE WEB APP: Craftmonkey lets Etsy sellers easily create and send email newsletters

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Craftmonkey is a free web application that lets you crafty mc-crafterson Etsy sellers connect your shops to your MailChimp accounts to send out sweet email newsletters.

Looking for ways to boost your sales on Etsy or just stay in touch with current customers? Building up your email database and regularly communicating with them doesn’t hurt. I’m not talking about hourly email spam that eventually makes people want to hunt you down. I’m talking about useful, thoughtful content sent to people who like what you’re peddling.

You don’t have to create and manage an email list you say? I say rubbish (I must be channeling British Sarah today). There’s a (web) app for that. With Craftmonkey all you need to do is connect your Mailchimp account, drag and drop images and throw in your (thoughtful) copy. It doesn’t hurt to have a few email addresses on hand in order to send your latest work of art.

Made by the nice people over at Social Glu, they make creating and tracking newsletters as exciting as your crafts.

Here’s how it works:

  • Create a MailChimp account (or use your existing one)
  • Connect with Etsy shop using Craftmonkey
  • Pick a template, add photos of your products, write a bit of text and send away!

They’re also on Twitter:  @hiCraftMonkey.

Send postcards from your iPhone or Android with Postagram

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Postagram lets you send a printed Instagram photo (or any square photo) the old fashioned way, from the USPS. With built in adress storage and birthday reminders, never miss an important birthday ever again. Plus, you’ll make mail carriers everywhere happy. (And they’re giving away three free cards right now.)

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FAVE SERVICE: Need some extra cash? Rent out your driveway with ParkAtMyHouse

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ParkatmyHouse lets property owners (residential and commercial) rent out their private parking spots to drivers in need of a convenient place to park.

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve driven around and around (and around) Chicago neighborhoods looking for a place to park. When I finally find a place, sometimes 30 or 40 minutes later, it costs me. Royally. Something needs to be done about this.

<insert dramatic music>

ParkatmyHouse to the rescue! Launched first in the UK, they currently rent out the spots of more than 25,000 property owners generating users more than five million dollars (collectively). Now, Anthony Eskinazi and team are ready to take on the U.S.

How does it work?

First, they need people willing to rent out their parking spots. As soon as they have the “right balance of property owners and drivers signed up” they’ll go live. Want to rent out your parking spot? Go here. Need to find a parking spot? Go here.

The entire process is managed through their secure website where people accept and pay for parking space bookings. Private spots on ParkatmyHouse typically are 50 to 70 percent cheaper than meters or parking garages. It’s free to list a parking spot, and, according to ParkatmyHouse, ” in some cases churches and other organizations with large lots have made in the tens of thousands of dollars.”

Going to try it out? Let me know what you think.

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GEEK CHIC: Must-have geek goggles that won’t break the bank

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Love that geek chic look but don’t want to break the bank? Warby Parker has you covered. Every pair is $95 — including prescription lenses. Seeing really IS believing.

The Tently is the pair I'm sporting these days.

Warby Parker was founded with a rebellious spirit and a lofty objective: to create boutique-quality, classically crafted eyewear at a revolutionary price point.

At $95 a pop you can’t find a close competitor with the same quality anywhere. Believe me. I’ve looked. Pun intended.

From Johnny Depp to Kanye West, the geek chic look continues to dominate the mainstream. As someone who has had to wear glasses since the second grade, I’m glad I can finally celebrate my near sightedness. The geek movement is on the rise and many are jumping on the bandwagon, even if they have perfect vision. Why? One of the reasons might be because wearing glasses can actually make us appear smarter. I need all the help I can get!

Eyeglass wearers look smarter and are more likely to find work, according to a study by the British College of Optometrists (via Daily Mail).

For those of us not genetically blessed to have a choice in the matter, finding new glasses is a time consuming activity. Year after year I visit my eye doctor where I try on countless pairs of glasses under harsh lighting and look at price tags in the hundreds. When I discovered Warby Parker online my life was changed (or at least my frames). Every pair of glasses, sunglasses (and their monocle) plus prescription lenses is $95 with free shipping and free returns (unless you have really bad vision like me and then there’s only an extra $30 to get special lenses). What do you get for that price? Some of the coolest designs I’ve seen.

The Owen should be a staple in any geek's collection

While they’re primarily sold online, there are a few retailers that sell these geeky goggles. If you’re nervous about ordering online, there are a few options for you. Upload a picture of yourself and check out their virtual try on function. Not good enough? They’ll even send you up to five pairs of glasses to try on at home for five days free. They even throw in a pre-paid return shipping label. Nice.

You know how I mentioned that a “for good” teaser in the headline? For every pair of glasses purchased, the philanthropic folks at Warby Parker donates a pair to someone in need. That makes me feel good.

Questions? Tweet them at @WarbyParker.


Are you getting a pair? Tell us what kind in the comments.