FAVE WEB APP: Craftmonkey lets Etsy sellers easily create and send email newsletters

Craftmonkey is a free web application that lets you crafty mc-crafterson Etsy sellers connect your shops to your MailChimp accounts to send out sweet email newsletters.

Looking for ways to boost your sales on Etsy or just stay in touch with current customers? Building up your email database and regularly communicating with them doesn’t hurt. I’m not talking about hourly email spam that eventually makes people want to hunt you down. I’m talking about useful, thoughtful content sent to people who like what you’re peddling.

You don’t have to create and manage an email list you say? I say rubbish (I must be channeling British Sarah today). There’s a (web) app for that. With Craftmonkey all you need to do is connect your Mailchimp account, drag and drop images and throw in your (thoughtful) copy. It doesn’t hurt to have a few email addresses on hand in order to send your latest work of art.

Made by the nice people over at Social Glu, they make creating and tracking newsletters as exciting as your crafts.

Here’s how it works:

  • Create a MailChimp account (or use your existing one)
  • Connect with Etsy shop using Craftmonkey
  • Pick a template, add photos of your products, write a bit of text and send away!

They’re also on Twitter:  @hiCraftMonkey.