FAVE RECAP: Keep your social IQ above average this week

Listen, I know you’re busy. When I first started this blog I considered making the tagline, “Putting in the man hours so you don’t have to.” I enjoy doing this research and I want to make it as easy as possible for you to always be in-the-know on all things social. If you read nothing else this week, this run down will keep your social and tech IQ above the rest. Rest easy, busy one.

In fact, go ahead and copy and paste your favorite links and send them to your boss. He or she will remember (in case they forgot) what a rockstar you are. (Or you can always forward a copy of this post.)

  1. The social network Path makes a mistake by copying users’ address books and not telling them. Then, they apologized.
  2. Co-tweet shuts down in about a week. If you use the service, you might want to export your information.
  3. Pinterest is making money off modifying user submitted pins. Some people were unhappy. Skimlinks, the provider that helps Pinterest make said money tells people to simmer down, “it’s no secret” we help people make money from links.
  4. Linkedin acquired Rapportive.
  5. Sky News reporters are banned from reposting non-company tweets and must check with news desk before breaking news via social media.
  6. Apple opening stores in Sam’s Club locations? It’s a rumor.
  7. Feel good about deleting those pictures from Facebook? They might still be out there.
  8. GigaOm buys paidContent.
  9. Get paid by Google to surf the web.
  10. Facebook could be launching mobile ads.
  11. Yammer is closing a $50M funding round. Yowza!
  12. Lady GaGa launches her own social network. You know, because she was born that way.
  13. Madonna’s Super Bowl halftime show got more than 800 likes in three minutes on the NYT’s Facebook page.