FAVE DAY: 10 geeky gifts to give to someone special <3

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Geeks are sweet
And nerds are, too. 

Here are 10 ways to show that sweet digital valentine just how special they are to you. Make February 14, 2012, a day that lives on in geekery (i.e. infamy):

  1. 12 nerdy ways to say I love you, like “You fog my spectacles.” Get these 5×7 cards with a variety of different envelope colors. (You can give one for 10 days leading up to Vday). Cards come in an A7 Kraft box, with a decorative Nerdy Dirty sticker. The card highlighted here (–>) would be great paired with a gift certificate to Warby Parker or Oliver Peoples. Just sayin’.
  2. Does your special someone “like” tea? Give them a mug that shows off both their drink and social network of choice. Buy some gourmet tea, add a smushy card and wrap it up. Boom!
  3. On a tight budget? No problem. Here is a Free Printable iPhone Valentine from Living Locurto. Just print, cut and wrap around a box of Brach’s Candy Hearts. Attach by using double stick tape or a glue stick. Here’s a bonus free printable that lets you turn a box of candy into an iPod, complete with Hershey’s Kisses earbuds.
  4. THIS. An old school Nintendo lover will squeeeeee with delight. NES controller has been repurposed into a USB external storage drive.  Available in 4GB for $29.99, 8GB for $39.99, and 16 for $49.99.
  5. Wide Angle, Macro, Telephoto and Fisheye lenses ($49) that attach to your iPhone. Sweetness! They’ll give your sweetie pie’s phone SLR quality. Awe.
  6. Buy this custom “Geek” MacBook letter decal. Who doesn’t want to show off their geekdom all year long? 
  7. Order this “My love for you has no bugs, just random features” print. Get it matted and framed. Hang it up where your pumpkin can see it when he/she wakes up.
  8. Ready for this? Geek statement socks FTW! Who doesn’t want to show off their love of bacon on their feet. To make this gift really pop, make some chocolate covered bacon, and roll up the socks and put in a cupcake tin.
  9. ASCII Heart Necklace. If you or your wonky other half know what this means, it will probably make a great gift. Sterling silver and oh so geeky.
  10. Feeling extremely generous (it will run you several hundred dollars)?Give them a real life Instagram with Polaroid’s OneStep SX-70 White/Rainbow Camera. Don’t forget to stock up on film for it. Remember that stuff? And I might suggest purchasing a scrap book ready to house instant photos of you and your tweetheart. <3

Ahhh... your blog post made my wallet sad. Some awesome stuff coming in the mail though. =)


@Sevans I picked up some lenses for the iPhone 4S since I actually use that over my DSLR for most pics. However, at the recommendation of my other photography friend, I went with an olloclip over the set at Photojojo. Check it out! http://olloclip.com (I may have to alter my phone case so I can strap the lenses on/off easily without taking the case off every time.)


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