FAVE SOCIAL NETIQUETTE: The IRL game to keep you off your phone during dinner

Everyone has a “friend” who is constantly on their cell phone when you’re hanging out or at dinner. You ask them a question and they look up at you with a glazed expression–as if it’s an inconvenience to conversate while hanging out IN PERSON. Well, the time has come to call these people out . No more will groups of people gather only to ignore one another via their mobile devices. The least we can do is set aside a few moments for a relaxing meal with friends and/or family, right? And this is coming from someone who sleeps with both an iPad and iPhone next to the bed.

Today’s FAVE PSA: Friends don’t let friends dine and text (or surf the web).

I’m completely motivated (and incentivized) by gaming. So, this concept works well on me.

Enter: The Phone Stack* game.

What is it? When you arrive to dinner everyone puts their phones in the center of the table (you can also stack them one on top of another). You can choose individually whether to put your phone on silent or vibration. During dinner no one is allowed to touch their phone. If someone can’t stand it and gets their phone they pay for EVERYONE’S meal.

If no one touches their phones then your dinner is free. Just kidding, you would split the bill as per usual.

*Since the original name for this game wasn’t PG enough for my blog, I encourage you to come up with a better name. I don’t know if The Phone Stack does it justice.

(h/t Russel Brandom)