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FAVE JOB ALERT: 10 jobs in #social and #tech you might want to know about

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Looking for a job or know someone who is? I regularly scan the best job boards on social and tech for fun. That’s right. Don’t judge. I thought I better do something with the information, so I posted it just for you (and you, and you).

A list of my FAVE job openings right now:

  1. NY Business & Content Development Intern (Winter/Spring 2012), Mashable (New York, New York)
  2. Corporate Communications Manager at Twitter (San Francisco, CA)
  3. Marketing Manager, YouTube Advertiser at YouTube (San Bruno, CA)
  4. Communications Manager, Consumer Media at Google (New York, NY)
  5. Vice President Digital Ad Sales Operations & Strategy at Warner Bros. Digital Media Sales (New York, New York) (h/t Mashable)
  6. Social Media Manager, Hello Style YouTube Channel, Hearst Magazines Digital Media (New York, New York) (h/t Mashable)
  7. On-Camera Digital Video JournalistEveryday Health (New York, New York) (h/t Mashable)
  8. Social Media ManagerHotelTonight (San Francisco, California) (h/t Mashable)
  9. Senior Director of Product Management, Social Platforms at Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. (San Francisco, CA) (h/t Techcrunch)
  10. TechCrunch Writer at TechCrunch (San Francisco and New York)

Feel free to pass this along to a friend, or two.

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photo credit: scottkellum via photopin cc

FAVE ACCESSORIES: The most glorious #iPhone case around, @DiffCase

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Come to mama, my next iPhone case. While I don’t have one of these little beauties in my mits yet, I hope to very soon. Enter, a different kind of case–Diff Case (see what they did there?). Diff is to the iPhone as glove is to boxer. It offers great protection and packs a mean punch. Am I trying too hard now?

Here are the deets….

It’s a case truly designed for those of us who also use our phones as our camera. Diff allows you to mount your iphone to any standard tripod vertically or horizontally. Yes! 

Hate when the sun gets in your way when trying to read that all important tweet? Never again. Diff has an adjustable sun shade lid (similar to the top flag on a professional camera’s matte box) that eliminates the problem. Diff……1     Sun……..0

It really does protect, too. There’s a bumper and a lid along with a key ring and carabiner clip through-hole. I won’t deny it. I’m clumsy. I mean REALLY clumsy. I drop my phone a lot. I like that there are a bunch of idiot-proof ways to keep me from dropping my phone (as much).

They even have this nifty video that shows you how to use the case:

Diff comes in black, white, red, hot pink and tomato red (currently out of stock). They’re currently priced at $30. Not too shabby. You can also purchase a few add ons like a “screw in key ring” and “mini flex-tripod.” You can order one for yourself right here.

DiffCase on Twitter and Facebook.

FYI: Diff Case Fits iPhone 4, 4S, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint.

FAVE HOW TO: Quick and easy #QR code to get people to like you on Facebook

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If you’re a regular FAVES reader, then you know I like to keep things short and sweet. I know you don’t have a lot of time and you’re here because you want to learn something. Here’s how to quickly create a QR code that allows people to “like” your Facebook page right from their mobile device:

  1. Go to
  2. Create an account (I know, drats.)
  3. Click “Generate Code”
  4. Enter the Facebook Page URL you want people to like in “Webpage about the actual item to like”
  5. Next enter the text you want people to see in “Title of actual item to like” (e.g. Sarah Evans on Facebook)
  6. Upload an image that people will see when they use the QR code (see my example, below)
  7. Include an additional URL to give people additional information. (I included a link back to Sarah’s Faves.)
  8. The coupon is optional. If you’re a vendor, might not be a bad idea.
  9. You can add the location, if you’re an analytics kind of geek and like to track stuff
  10. Done.
  11. Download your QR code and post EVERYWHERE. (Might be nice for those cufflinks, too.)
  12. Suggestions, question, problems? Ping them at

Tip: Upload the smallest photo size possible to make sure your photo doesn’t take forever to load.

Want more social stuff to do with QR codes? Check out Social QR Code.

Need a branded QR code? BrandedQRs has them.

GEEK CHIC: Personalized QR code cufflinks

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You KNOW James Bond would have had these. Need I say more?

I guess I do if you’re still reading. ;)

Order these Personalized QR Code Cufflinks before your special geek’s next black tie event or conference. Think “making a statement at SXSW” type of conference. You’ll be the toast of the digital town. Okay, you’re sold. Now what to put on them?

Pick a QR code that sends people to:

  • A page with your contact information (or a snazzy digital business card)
  • Take someone straight to a “like” button for your Facebook page
  • Mobile friendly version of your website
  • Landing page with “2 truths and lie” about you and your email address. Ask people to respond and start a conversation.

Geek chic

These cufflinks are custom made ($24) and Polina and Sergey can encode any text or numbers, quotes, active links and so on (up to 200 symbols). They can also create different QR code for each cufflink. Icing on the cake.

FAVE DAY: Your social media guide to Super Bowl XLVI (#social46)

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It’s about that time. Giants vs. Patriots. Here’s some social stuff you might enjoy. FAVE on.



  • Follow all of the Super Bowl top commentators and insiders on twitter, here.
  • Follow all of the @Giants players on twitter, here.
  • The top twitter hashtags for Super Bowl XLVI: #superbowl, #superbowlXLVI, #sb46, #social46, #PatsXLVI



  • Text text INFO to SB2012 to get messages and promotional alerts from the Super Bowl Host Committee
  • Text SUPER BOWL to 69635 for game-specific alerts
  • Text any Super Bowl-related question to ChaCha (242242)


You can check in on Get Glue to get your Super Bowl XLVI badge. 



As of 8:30 a.m. CT on Tuesday, there are:

  • 5,448 photos tagged with #superbowl
  • 228 photos tagged with #superbowlbound
  • 227 photos tagged with #superbowlxlvi
  • 193 photos tagged with #superbowl2012
  • 163 photos tagged with #superbowl46


Super Bowl Host Committee Social Accounts 


Share your own Super Bowl story, here.







FAVE INFOGRAPHIC: 9 stats and one giant infographic on results from SOPA #Blackout Day

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In case you need a refresher, on January 18, many of us (in fact, a whole hell of a lot) took to the interwebz and were part of the largest protest U.S. history. Who says geeks can’t be productive? We were protesting two bills, SOPA and PIPA that, if passed, would have resulted in a government-controlled web. Yuck!

For now, we can breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy lots of stats and one groovy infographic. Thanks to frugaldad for sharing this infographic with me.

Stat highlights:

  1. 115,000 websites and more than 13 million internet users participated in Wednesday’s protest
  2. 50,000 websites blackedout completely
  3. 4 of the top 10 US websites blacked out logos and entire websites (Google, Wikipedia, Craigslist and eBay)
  4. 160 million people saw Wikipedia’s blackout
  5. Within 16 hours of the blackout 2.4 million SOPA related tweets hit the Twitter stream
  6. Petitions were signed by 10 million internet users
  7. Tumblr and Mobile Commons contact tools together enabled 400,000 calls to Congress
  8. 3 million emails were sent to Congress on SOPA Blackout Day
  9. The day after the protest 14 Senators issued statements against the bill



FAVE INSTAGRAM: Join in Weekend Hashtag Project for a chance to be featured on the official @Instagram blog

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Looking for more fun ways to use Instagram that don’t only involve photos of your breakfast, lunch and dinner? Then you’ll love Weekend Hashtag Project run by the Instagram team. Meet new people, join in a community and reach more with your photos. Sound peachy?

Right from Instagram:

Weekend Hashtag Project is a series featuring designated themes & hashtags chosen by Instagram’s Community Team. For a chance to be featured on the Instagram blog, follow @jayzombie and look for a photo from her announcing the weekend’s project every Friday. Every Monday we feature some of our favorites from the project, here.

What’s a hashtag project? Last week’s theme was #soloparking, a project that asked participants to look for modes of transportation parked all by themselves. People took pictures of these items, uploaded to Instagram and added the hashtag in their comments.

Planes, trains and automobiles anyone?

Go have some fun!

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