FAVE LAST MINUTE GIFT IDEA: The Gift Wrap App for iPad

Calling all last minute gift givers! Don’t worry, I’ve been there. If you have an iPad and a picture of your gift (or the one you’d like to get) you’re S-E-T! The Gift Wrap App for iPad lets you wrap any image from your camera roll (for free). That’s it. With realistic wrapping effects it allows you to actually “give” a gift without giving one. You know what I’m saying?! I’m actually going to use this to give my husband his gift of basketball tickets. Since we’re traveling for the holidays I don’t want to bring the tickets with us and back. With my luck we’d lose them along the way. Let me know if you come up with creative ways to give gifts via your iPad or other mobile and/or tablet technology. Happy Holidays!

iPad Screenshot 1

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