I’ve used this little doosie for almost two years and really do appreciate the convenience. Myfav.es is a free (and uber easy), customizable start page for your browser. Prior to Myfav.es I would log on to my computer, click on my browser and begin the tedious process of opening the embarrassing number of windows I needed for the day: Facebook, Twitter, email accounts, blog, calendar, Google Reader, etc… Now I just click my web browser and my important pages pop up for me, ready to use. Boom! The image above is one version of my actual faves page and I add new pages to it, as needed.

I can also customize the look of the page–I happen to like the simple display of the default setting. And, if you don’t like the order your icons are in, you can change those too. Once I open up my browser for the day, I rarely access the page again.

Oh, and your desktop browser isn’t the only place you can use Myfav.es. It’s also available for your iPad and iPhone. Sah-weet. While you don’t need to create an account to use the service, if you choose to register (using existing log ins like Twitter, Facebook) you get:

  • Your own custom url: http://myfav.es/username
  • Computer remembers settings even if you clear cookies
  • No password to remember

Try it. You’ll love it. Promise…or your money back.

Have a fave you think I should feature? Send your submission to prsarahevans [at] gmail.com.

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