FAVE APP: RunPee tells you when to use the restroom during a movie

Haven’t we all been there? A super-gigantor size Coke (plus two refills for $25) later and we can barely contain ourselves during a movie. You want to go use the restroom but, alas, you can’t imagine missing a moment. Enter RunPee (talk about creating a pretty kicka$$ job for yourself)–the app finds the best time to pee during your favorite movies and tells you what you missed while you were “out.” It literally tells you how many minutes you can be gone and lets you know the scene of the movie when you should get up. If the “pee” thing isn’t quite your speed, what about knowing in advance if there’s any good stuff after the credits. My husband and I tend to wait through the previews to see if there are any outtakes or bonus footage. We get pretty ticked when we wait and get nada. No more! RunPee will tell you whether you should wait or run directly to your car after the movie. The app is FREE and currently available for iOS, Droid and Windows phones.

Want to talk to Dan Florio, the GrandPoobah of RunPee? You can email him at: polyGeek [ at ] “RunPee”.com tweet him @RunPee or call him (949) 273.1701. It’s okay, just tell him I sent you. ;)

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